Public Minutes of the Geant4 Steering Board meeting 66

Friday, July 08th, 2011

Attended: Makoto Asai (chair), Andrea Dotti, Gabriele Cosmo, Gunter Folger, Dennis Wright, Ivana Hrivnacova, Peter Gumplinger, Marc Verderi, Koichi Murakami, John Allison, Joseph Perl, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Sébastien Incerti.

Excused: Hisaya Kurashige.

  1. Regular items

  2. Approval of minutes of SB meeting of May 20th 2011.

  3. Reviewing pending Actions from May 2011.

  4. Collaboration Meeting @ SLAC

This meeting sessions will be for collaborators and future collaborators only.

  1. Following-up 2011 development plans

The multi-threaded prototype will be based on version 9.4-patch-01. The documentation is being finished.

The implementation of the variable density material is done. Examples and documentation are expected.

Regarding the improvements in usability of the physics-lists, a document explaining the mechanism and conventions considered is now distributed for approval.

The “layered mass geometry feature” is expected on time as soon as Geant4-MT is released.

A document exposing the new biasing options under considerations with the related cross-category technical challenges is circulated.

Recent activity on the reorganization of the Novice and Extended examples was presented. A simple histogramming tool able to produce CSV, XML and root formats without external dependencies is proposed for introduction as a new “analysis” module in Geant4. This is intended to allow new users to get quickly on speed, preserving their needs to use their favourite analysis tool. HBOOK support with external CERNLIB dependency will be demonstrated only through an example.

A proposal for unifying warning and error messages was presented. It consists in formatting all messages with a banner, also indicating the class and method names triggering the error, an error code to uniquely identify the error, the severity code -(spanning from simple warning to fatal exception) and an additional optional comment.

  1. Reports from Task Forces

No new reports from the Computing Performance and Physics Validation task forces.

  1. AOB

Memberships proposed for collaborators in the Low Energy Electromagnetic and Software Management working groups are approved.

Meeting Date

Friday, July 8, 2011 - 12:00