Public minutes of 74 th Steering Board meeting

September 14th, 2012

Maison Saint Yves, Chartres

Attendes: Mike Kelsey, Koichi Murakami, Andrea Dotti, Makoto Asai, Vladimir Ivantchenko, Vladimir Grichine (OB invitee), Alberto Ribon, Francesco Romano (delegate of Pablo Cirrone), Marc Verderi, Ivana Hrivnacova, Gunter Folger, Ben Morgan, John Allison (OB liaison), Dennis Wright, Joseph Perl, Michel Maire, Daniel Elvira, Peter Gumplinger, Luciano Pandola

Excuses: Gabriele Cosmo, Takashi Sasaki, Hisaya Kurashige

1. Regular items

a. Open Requirements

b. Pending Actions

c. Open bug reports

· Have been reviewed.

Discussion on bug report: In case of users not responding for requested further information, it is proposed and agreed to use the INVALID category for such case.

Bugzilla is sometimes used for requirements. These should go to JIRA.

2. Reports of developments at risk

Below are listed per category the developments at risk or that will not be delivered in the 9.6 release. These developments are referred in in the development plan for 2012:


o Geometry:

§ The improvements regarding regular navigation for efficiency, precision and memory consumption will not be delivered in 9.6.

§ The review of field classes and of design for field accuracy settings will not be completed for 9.6.

o Hadronic:

§ The improved simulation of anti-nucleus nucleus interactions (FTF model) is rescheduled for next year.

§ The investigation for using Binary cascade for simulation for pion stopping will be done next year.

§ The examination for using Binary cascade as alternative to the CHIPS model or Bertini model is rescheduled for next year.

§ The planed addition of the coalescence mode to the Precompound model is now obsolete, as this coalescence has been included in the Bertini and Binary models.

§ New muon stopping and capture models will be developed next year.

o Low-EM: Everything on track

o Materials:

§ The implementation of electron/hole drift processes is rescheduled for next year.

§ The review of the interface between processes and tracking for forced-interaction and forced free-flight biasing options has been completed, but related implementation will be for 2013.

§ Following the above, the item for review, unify and enrich existing biasing options will not be in 9.6.

§ The prototype for a (multi-)differential cross-section for process-based biasing and reverse-MC is rescheduled for next year. Having such functionality as a collaboration wide investigation will be discussed.

o Particles & Track:

§ The implementation of decay modes for charmed hadrons is at risk for 9.6.

o Persistency:

§ The move of the GDML module to become an independent library is likely not necessary for 9.6 as this can easily be handled through CMake.

§ The move of the g4tools analysis module to externals is likely not necessary as well.

o Run, Event:

§ The migration to statistic-double for command-based scoring item has been dropped.

§ The re-architecting of the run manager and related classes to avoid deep level on inheritance has been abandoned as it has been demonstrated that this does not bring benefits.

o Standard EM:

§ Bremstralhung and gamma-conversion models:

· The interest of introducing the parameterization of Seltzer-Berger cross sections instead of data table needs to be clarified.

§ High energy processes:

· The improvement of the angular generator for synchrotron radiations is at risk for 9.6.

· The migration of the muon pair production to the model design may not appear for 9.6.

§ multiple-scattering:

· review ongoing, still might go to 9.6

§ Optical:

· The extension of the unified surface model to include both specular and diffuse components for the transmitted photons will not be available in 9.6.

· The modeling of optical transport in a volume that has different optical treatments on different sides has been required, but does not appear urgent. It will not be in 9.6.

o The R\&D study on multi-threading and vectorized simulation for EM physics is not complete, but as an R\&D activity, it is not a deliverable for 9.6.

o User and category interfaces:

§ The web application interface based on Wt is at risk for 9.6.

o Visualization:

§ No progresses to be delivered in 9.6 have been reported on gMocrem.

§ The new driver to produce image files in batch mode will not be delivered in 9.6.

§ The investigation for dynamic loading of visualization drivers has been made, and has concluded that such a functionality is not useful.

§ The full support for visualization of Boolean shapes will not appear in 9.6.

o Advanced examples:

§ The review of the physics models implemented in all the examples is on the way, but not complete.

§ Major revision of Hadrontherapy example, including first demonstration of calculation of the RBE (Relative Biological Effectiveness) for therapeutic proton and carbon beams (1) - not in 9.6, but partially achieved.

§ Complete migration to new analysis module - (1)/(2): not in 9.6

o Novice examples:

§ The review of extended examples to reduce code duplication, apply coding guidelines and rationalize functionalities/features is ongoing.

3. Geant4 version X

The name will be Geant4 version 10.

4. Near future conference

· G4 Space User Workshop. It will be held in Barcelona in March 2013, the precise date is to come.

· CHEF2013: The call for papers will arrive soon. The conference will be held in Paris. A good participation of Geant4 members is anticipated.

· MC2013 (Paris, Oct. 27-31 2013). The deadline for extended abstracts is very soon. A complete paper contribution is expected for July. A general Geant4 talk is likely to happen at this conference.

5. AOB

· New Documentation Coordinator: Michael Kelsey (SLAC) is appointed to as the new Documentation Coordinator, in charge from now.

· Tutorial: A Geant4 Tutorial at KISTI is planned for the last week October 29th to November 2nd.

· Proposal for general paper: The Steering Board agrees to aim for a new general paper at/after the version 10 release.

· Visualization group: The group has received an invitation to contribute a paper to a special issue of the International Journal of Modeling, Simulation and Scientific Computing (IJMSSC) edited by Satoshi Tanaka. The due date is 30 November 2012.

Meeting Date

Friday, September 14, 2012 - 12:00