Public Minutes of the 84 th Steering Board Meeting

March 12th, 2014

Attendees: Michael Kelsey, Ben Morgan, Soon Yung Jun, Hisaya Kurashige, Makoto Asai, Luciano Pandola, Marc Verderi, Dennis Wright, Ivana Hrivnacova, Laurent Garnier, Joseph Perl, Alberto Ribon, Sébastien Incerti, Koichi Murakami, Peter Gumplinger, Gabriele Cosmo, Gunter Folger, Andrea Dotti, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Jeremy Brown.

Excuses: none.

Note : This is a transitional Steering Board meeting, following the Working Group (WG) representative elections. The meeting is made of two parts: the first one is dedicated to the approval of the election results by the ending-term board; the second one is the regular Steering Board (SB) meeting, with the new memberships.

Part 1 - Approval of the elections of Working Group leaderships

The election results below are displayed as follows:

o first name : WG coordinator

o second name : deputy coordinator,

o other names : additional representative(s)

o Note: Names in parentheses are delegates for coordinators’ absence.

o Note: Bold names are new SB members

Election results:

o Run, Event and Detector Response: Andrea Dotti, (Makoto Asai)

o Tracking: Takashi Sasaki, (Katsuya Amako)

o Particles and Track: Hisaya Kurashige, (Makoto Asai)

o Geometry and Transport: Gabriele Cosmo, (John Apostolakis)

o Generic Processes and Materials: Marc Verderi, (Vladimir Ivantchenko)

o Standard Electromagnetic Physics: Vladimir Ivantchenko, Peter Gumplinger

o Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics: Sebastien Incerti, Luciano Pandola, Jeremy Brown

o Hadronic Physics: Alberto Ribon, Dennis Wright, Gunter Folger,

o Persistency: Gabriele Cosmo, (Witek Pokorski)

o User and Category Interfaces: Koichi Murakami, (Hajime Yoshida)

o Visualisation: Laurent Garnier, (Joseph Perl)

o Physics List: Gunter Folger, (Andrea Dotti)

o Testing and Quality Assurance: Soon Yung Jun, (Daniel Elvira)

o Software Management: Ben Morgan, (Gunter Folger)

o Documentation Management: Mike Kelsey, (Dennis Wright)

o Novice and Extended Examples: Ivana Hrivnacova, (Peter Gumplinger)

o Advanced Examples: Luciano Pandola, (Francesco Romano)


o Spokesperson: Makoto Asai

o Deputy spokesperson: Marc Verderi

o Technical Forum chair: Andreas Morsch

o Technical Forum deputy chair: Bruce Faddegon

o Oversight Board liaison: John Allison

- The WG election results are approved by the Steering Board.

- There are in total 23 members; 12 is the quorum.

- Pablo Cirrone, Ziad Francis, Michel Maire and Joseph Perl are departing the Steering Board. The SB is joining Makoto Asai in appreciating their contribution.

- The new members are welcome.

Part 2 - Regular meeting, by the new SB membership

1. Regular items

- Open requirements, pending actions, open bug reports and physics and CPU performances are reviewed.

- No resources have been found for the porting and maintenance on Windows for the MT capable version, and no strong requests have been identified as well. As it is expected that C++11 will provide the necessary features to allow such a porting, no further attempt will be made for the time being.

- WG coordinators will assign bug reports currently in a “new” state. The SB confirmed that reported bugs should not stay is “new” state for long.

2. 2014 work plan

- Work plans FY 2014 have been provided by each working group and are publicized on the web through the Working Group Geant4 page. The development items are summarized in this page: .

- The Collaboration-wide work plan is being built and will be publicized soon. It will include at least the consolidation of the MT, with specially the memory use, and improvements of documentation.

- The Technical Forum on the 20th of March will include discussions on the proposed plan.

3. Spokesperson election

- The spokesperson election is driven by the Candidate Nomination Team. This one has been formed and includes Sebastien Incerti, Gunter Folger and Peter Gumplinger who volunteered for the task. The Steering Board appreciates their contribution.

- The election proceeds with a nomination phase (2-3 weeks), followed by the period of Steering Board endorsement of the candidates (1 week), and the election phase (2-3 weeks).

4. Publication Board

- The publication board members have to be Steering Board members. With renewal of the SB membership, the following changes have been approved by the SB: Dennis Wright to take over Pablo Cirrone’s Publication Board chairman role for the remaining six months, and Luciano Pandola to take over Daniel Elvira’s membership for the remaining 2.5 years.

5. General paper

- Several contributions came in since the last Steering Board meeting. It is expected to have a first draft of all the section by the end of this month.

6. AOB

6.1 New collaborator

- No new proposals have been made.

6.2 Report from recent events

o ESIPAP : 10-11, February, 2014

This was organized for the first time. It is a school, which spans over one month, covering many items. Four Geant4 lectures were given.

o Geant4 tutorial at Stanford U, 3-6, March 2014

There were about 65 attendees. Invited talks from Google, Nvidia and Colfax were also given. The Google talk was presenting Gooda, a performance monitoring tool.

6.3 Near future events

o Technical Forum, 20, March, 2014 @ CERN

The 2014 work plan will be a focus of this meeting. Information on patch-01 of release 10.0 will also be given.

o Geant4 Space Users Workshop, 27-29 May, 2014 @ NASA/MSFC Huntsville, Alabama, USA

The registration will start on March 15th. Geant4 members are encouraged to participate.

o Tutorials and courses:

o A Geant4 course for grad-student @ Lund will happen on the 7th to 11th of April 2014

o The American Nuclear Society requested a one-day short course in November at their Winter Meeting.

o The second MIPEGE (graduate students + few invited from institutes) Geant4 course will be given in May 19-23, at Orsay.

o The Geant4 course at the Seminar for Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Applied Physics (INFN) will happen in May 26-30.

o The GSSI (Gran Sasso Science Institute), May 12-16 course for grad students will be given on May 12-20.

o Meeting of interest

o LPCC LHC detector simulations: status, needs and prospects @ CERN 18-19 March, 2014

The first day will be dedicated to physics, the second one to physics and other topics, including MT.

Makoto Asai will be giving the summary talk of experiment requirements for what concerns the MT.

o Annual Concurrency Workshop @ CERN 1-2 April, 2014

This is the third workshop. The status of various demonstrators, and future plans will be presented, and in connection with the meeting below.

o HEP Software Collaboration meeting @ CERN 3-4, April, 2014

The Geant4 Collaboration should be strongly represented, to share our collaboration experience.

The First draft of the agenda is expected in the next days.

o International Workshop on Monte Carlo Techniques in Medical Physics @ Quebec, Canada, 17-20 June, 2014

This is the fourth edition of the meeting.

6.4 AOB

- The SB stresses the importance of using JIRA to log Software Management tasks: it is a much more efficient tool (than e-mails for example) for keeping track of issues and progress. Once discussion identifies a proper task, it should become a JIRA ticket.

- The patch for release 9.6 will be made shortly; it is in particular a request for ATLAS. This will be presented at the next Technical Forum.

- The next SB meeting will come after the spokesperson election.

Meeting Date

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 12:00