Public Minutes of 93 rd Steering Board Meeting

October 2nd, 2015

Attendees: Makoto Asai, Marc Verderi, Ivana Hrivnacova, Alberto Ribon, Francesco Romano (Luciano Pandola’s deputy), Joseph Perl (Laurent Garnier’s deputy), Dennis Wright, Soon Yung Jun, Hisaya Kurashige, Koichi Murakami, Andrea Dotti, Gabriele Cosmo, John Allison (OB Liaison), Gunter Folger, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Sebastien Incerti, Takashi Sasaki.

Excuses: Luciano Pandola, Laurent Garnier.


1. Regular items

o Open Requirements, pending actions and open bug reports are reviewed.

2. C++11 adoption

o A C++11 style guide has been created by the task force:

o Style guide document:

o Style guide tutorial, presented during the collaboration meeting:

o The list advertises the features we think are the most beneficial to the Geant4 code. Other C++11 functionalities can be used as long as they are available for supported compilers.

o Some C++11 features for multithreading won’t be adopted for the 10.2 release as the Intel icc compiler for Xeon Phi does not yet support them.

3. General paper

o A first draft was circulated since June. A second draft with rather quick circulation to the Collaboration will be made soon.

o An “Opt-in” web-based registration will be prepared for eligible authors.

4. 2015 Collaboration meeting

o The SB acknowledged and appreciated the offer by INFN Ferrara to host the 2016 Collaboration meeting.

5. Web migration to Drupal-7

o Some progress on the migration was made, while the migration of the tag database still requires substantial work.

6. Publication board

o Luciano Pandola is the chair and Ben Morgan is the deputy. The third board member will be announced soon.

7. AOB

7..1 Reports from recent events

o 11th Geant4 Space Users Workshop, August 26-28, 2015 @ Hiroshima, Japan


o 39 participants.

o Pete Truscott will host next meeting around Easter 2017.

7..2 Near future events

o Geant4 Advanced Tutorial at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (USA), 19-21 October 2015


o 20 registrants for now.

o IEEE/NSS/MIC, October 31-November 7, 2015 @ San Diego, CA


o One oral and one poster accepted.

o Geant4 Course at the 3rd Geant4 International and GPU programming school, Catania (Italy), 9-13 November 2015.


Meeting Date

Friday, October 2, 2015 - 12:00