Public Minutes of 94 th Steering Board Meeting

December 11th, 2015

Attendees: Makoto Asai, Marc Verderi, Alex Howard, Alberto Ribon, Laurent Garnier, Ben Morgan, Andrea Dotti, Ivana Hrivnacova, Dennis Wright, John Allison (OB Liaison), Luciano Pandola, Koichi Murakami, Vladimir Ivantchenko, Gunter Folger, Soon Yung Jun, Gabriele Cosmo, Hisaya Kurashige.

**Excuses: **Takashi Sasaki

**Invited: **

0. New SB member** **

Alex Howard is the new Documentation WG coordinator. The Steering Board welcomes him.

**1. Regular items **

Open requirements, pending actions, and long open bug reports are reviewed.

A better visibility of the contributions to conferences through the publication board Indico page will be provided.

The physics performance monitoring runs tests of various levels of statistics, which require different resources. The tests are today run on the GRID. An effort will be made to reshuffle these tests on more adequate resources (GRID, clusters, or CDash, for the lightest ones).

2. Collaboration page

Migration of CERN pages to Drupal-7 is underway.

The pages hosted at CERN will change of address name: “.cern” instead of being hosted under “”. The domain “” has been requested, to replace the existing “” one, which will become an alias.

**3. Collaboration census and elections **

2016 will be an election year. In addition to the annual membership registration, each WG will conduct a census in January, followed by the election of the WG representative to the Steering Board in February. The spokesperson election will then be conducted in March-April.

**4. General paper **

An opt-in procedure has been chosen for authorship, and the form has been made to collect author names according to this option. The final draft (except for the author list) is linked to the opt-in form. Opt-in will be closed by January 15th, 2016.

**5. 2016 Collaboration Meeting in Ferrara **

The next Collaboration Meeting date has been fixed to September 12-16th, 2016.

**6. AOB **

** 6.1. Input from recent events **

The last Technical Forum was on Dec. 09, 2015:

The previous one took place at FNAL and was dedicated to the Intensity Frontier experiments. It will be followed in January by a meeting to address their specific requirements.

The Oversight Board meeting took place at CERN, Dec. 10, 2015. D. Elvira is the new FNAL OB representative. The new CERN representative will be soon appointed.

Geant4 Advanced Tutorial at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (USA), 19-21 October 2015:

Dedicated to experienced Geant4 users, it had 17 attendees.

IEEE/NSS/MIC, October 31-November 7, 2015 @ San Diego, CA:

The Geant4 talk presented by Andrea Dotti has been nominated as highlight of NSS.

Geant4 Course at the 3rd Geant4 International and GPU programming school, Catania (Italy), 9-13 November 2015:

It had about 50 participants. Students had to obtain credits from the tutorial for their universities.

** 6.2. Near future events **

3rd Geant4 School and Monte Carlo Workshop for Radiotherapy, Imaging & Radiation Protection :

University of Wollongong, Wollongong (Australia), 26-30 April 2016:

XIII Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Applied Physics :

Alghero, Italy, 5-10 June 2016.

The seminar includes a Geant4 beginner course (web page will be made available from the Collaboration site soon).

** 6.3. AOB **

The possibility to distribute Geant4 binaries from official Ubuntu systems will be evaluated.

The creation of a read-only Git repository for released sources is considered, a proposal will be made.

A discussion about an official repository for Geant4 videos is initiated. A first step consisting in listing existing videos is proposed.

**Seasons greetings ! **

Meeting Date

Friday, December 11, 2015 - 12:00